When we mention the word organise, we start to think if our desks are tidy, paper work in order or workshop spaces clean etc. But in this day and age where we have replaced books with kindles, whiteboards with smart boards, and nearly everything else with our smart phones. I think its time we think about replacing in-trays, folders and writing pads with an app. With the large 1.6 million app market, whatever there is in the world of becoming and staying organised, there’s an app for that! No pun intended.

As there is an app for nearly everything out there, I won’t dare to cover it all within one blog. The apps mentioned within this blog are only those to help workshop leader become more organised. 

Cloud Storage – Google Drive

If you are someone who stores their files on a computer local drive, an a external hard drive or even a USB pen drive, then I advice you to stop! And move over to something called cloud storage, that is a platform for storing and accessing files anywhere on the web, computer and even on the go through smart phones. Whilst there are a number of different platforms available, I strongly advocate Google Drive, it provides file storage of 15gb for free (thumbs up for that) but also their paid options are somewhat the cheapest. Beyond this you can use Google Docs, which is an amazing collaborative platform for your word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations between multiple people like learners, other workshop leaders. So to keep your files, folders and documents organised get yourself the Google Drive app, available on iOS, Android and Windows

Task Organiser – Wunderlist

If you are a To-Do list person then having an easy format to organise your ideas, thoughts and the things you need to do is key. For me I found the answer within Wunderlist. This app combines organisation and productivity with the classic to-do list— all in a sleek format. You can also set deadlines, reminders, upload documents, share lists with other people and have conversations with them. It comes handy when planning workshops but also all the other supporting tasks us workshop leaders need to do, like buying milk on the way home. So if you like to list your thoughts, ideas and to-dos in one place, whilst setting actions, deadline and reminders, then get yourself this app. Available on iOS, Android and Windows

Note Taking – Evernote

For workshop leaders who are still using paper and pens for writing notes, scribing at meetings and even for doodling ideas. I wonder if you have heard of Evernote? The Evernote Basic version; i.e. free version (which I personally use) not only allows you to do all of the above but also allows you to grab screenshots, record audio files and even copy an online link. For every Evernote you create, it organises, indexes and makes it searchable whilst syncing it between your phone and computer automatically.  So in order to take your note taking, scribing and doodling to the next level, you need this app in your life. Available on iOS, Android and Windows

Finance Organiser – Invoice by Wave

Yes there’s an app for this too. Invoice by Wave is a free professional mobile invoicing app and is perfect for people like us, workshop leaders, freelancers etc. It allows us to create and customise invoices but also lets us know when an invoice has been viewed, paid and also when it becomes overdue. Once an invoice is issued, it stores it on their cloud, making it available to view on all devices. Some of the other amazing features it has, is accepting credit card payments with no setup costs or contract fees, creates graphs and charts about your revenue and expenses, invoices overdue, average days to payment and more. So if you do your own bookkeeping and finances and wish to keep them all organised then this app is for you. Available on iOS only for now but Android and Window releases are planned in the near future.

Business Card Reader – CamCard

As a workshop leader, chances are that we come across lots of organisations, other workshop leaders and professionals within our field (if not, then I suggest you start) We all know that business cards are a very popular way of sharing contacts and according to statistics, whilst I’m typing this, over 13,798 business cards have been given out there in the world. Whilst I don’t network as much as I should do, I still come across a lot of business cards on a week to week basis, and keep them in a draw and then when I needed one, would sometimes spend up to 10 minutes trying to find it.

Until I came across CamCard where you scan a business card with your mobile phone and all the information on the card is automatically recognised and gone into your contacts. I was shocked at its fantastic high recognition accuracy, speed and the fact it has Anti-shake and Auto-detect text orientation. I loved that you can add notes & reminders to contacts too, like where you met this person, or what you should do with this contact. Also with the free version (which I also use) you can scan up to 200 cards, which has worked fine for me till now. So if you have a draw full of business cards like me, or a fat wallet for the wrong reasons, then I strongly advice you to get this app. Available on iOS, Android and Windows

Final Thoughts

I’m fully aware that there are more than five apps to get organised but also believe that if we became successful in organising these five categories (storage, task management, note taking, finances and contacts) regardless of the actual app, then we are at a good start in becoming a fully-fledged organised workshop leader.

Although these are not the only apps I use, I would love to hear about the ones that you have and try them out myself. So please do let me know about which ones you use or how you get on with any of the above by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Nixtie

    I have almost all of them, except the financial one and CamCard. Will check them out.


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