The aim of the project was to support young people from Mahdlo Youth Zone to create an album by recording their own songs at Square 1 Studios that they wrote and rehearsed.


  1. To record an album consisting of 10-12 songs
  2. 10 young people to experience working in a recording studio
  3. Mahdlo Youth Zone to produce an album


  1. Eight songs were recorded
  2. Twelve young people worked on the project
  3. A Hundred CDs were produced


For many, this experience was the first time they’d ever stepped into a recording studio. A little overwhelmed at first, they managed to rise to the occasion and a couple of young people were even lucky enough to shoot a music video for their songs, which enhanced their experience.


From the young people’s point of view they couldn’t spend enough time recording due to the lack of preparation done rehearsing the songs. Including this, as it was the first time for some young people in the studio they did feel somewhat overwhelmed which resulted in confidence being reduced and although some where fully prepared, this resulted in effecting their performance.

From the producers, engineers and Mahdlo youth workers point of view, we all underestimated the studio time required. This resulted in spending twice as much as time on both recording and mixing the songs.


The nature of the project was for young people to rehearse at Mahdlo then come down to Square 1 to record. Time was of the essence here as the young people only had a single session to record. We felt that young people should have rehearsed more and come to the studio only when they were fully prepared. Attached to this, as the studio sessions ran for one evening every week, we should have ran sessions longer and less consistent. So everyone involved had sufficient time in and outside the studio.


The young people from Mahldo learnt a lot about the recording process, both Adrian and Sam were really patient and got the best out of each and every young person. This was a great opportunity for the young people to experience and work in a professional recording studio.

Graydon Monk – Mahdlo Youth Zone

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