The idea was to allow young girls to explore the various social problems using multimedia


  1. Participants to evidence their understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  2. Participants to learn skills in music, photography and film making
  3. Participants to create a series of photograph’s and short films showcasing not only what they learnt but also for it to be used for further awareness raising


  1. 13 young people took part in the project and achieved an arts award
  2. All participants developed their awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationships, grooming and exploitations
  3. A series of freeze frames and silent movies were created from the topics
  4. Participants visited a live music event


The project was delivered in partnership with KOGS and Square 1 Studios consisting of workshops in photography learning things like the rule of thirds, depth of field, framing etc. They also learnt film making through freeze frames, camera angles, shot types, scriptwriting and storyboard development. Last but not least, they also got to learn music through jamming to songs, playing instruments, and recording (even an African Zulu dance!)


At the beginning sensitive topics such as unhealthy relationships, grooming etc were “totally awks” (as today’s young people would say). However, once they came out of their shells and felt comfortable with the workshop leader and the environment, the discussions were really interesting, stimulating and they shared lots of issues and concerns from their perspective!


One major factor we learnt as a result of this project, that the sessions should have been longer than 2 hours each. I’m not saying that the actual project should have lasted longer, but the individual sessions should. Sometimes if sessions are longer then you don’t need many sessions. This is because many times as the session and young people achieved full momentum, it was time to go home or we ran out of time to complete tasks. For a film making project, I would recommend 3 hour sessions when participants are expected to create scripts, practice and perform acting skills whilst learning how to use a DSLR cameras and make films.


For me, I felt the highlight of the project was seeing participants enjoying each and every workshop, whilst learning without them even knowing they’re learning anything. The approach that we used within this workshop was to allow learners to explore the topics in hand, learn the skills and enjoy themselves at the same time. Sounds simple, but sometimes it can be missed when trying to teach new skills, cover sensitive topics and meet deadline and outcomes all at once.

Written By Fraaz Rehman

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